CHART MANAGEMENT - Weekly Charts update with our Eraclea solution
Eraclea was created to organize all the navigational charts updates. The weekly updates of charts and publications are received directly on-board.
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The Smoothest

ERACLEA the smoothest and lightest way to receive Weekly Notice to Mariner directly on board. As it was created to organize all updates of navigational charts and Publications quick, fast and accurate.

It proposes corrections to be made, the operator performs the corrections and then the fix is checked and stored. All updates are delivered on a weekly basis as soon as the data has been released by the UKHO and finally indexed and catalogued according to the inventories on board. Simplifying Mariners work, that thanks to this solution are always efficient on new edition of charts and publications as well as on replaced or withdrawn. These electronic updates reduce time and effort spent making manual updates to paper charts, minimise the risk of human error and help to ensure compliance with Flag and Port State requirements. Through the inventory functions can be generate and viewed the Paper Chart Maintenance Record (NP133A), needed for inspections.


Eraclea was created to organize all the updates of navigational charts and Publications.
The weekly  charts update, given out by the UKHO and digitized by us, are received directly on a computer on-board.
The information are indexed and catalogued according to the inventories on board.

How works Eraclea?

Every week the UKHO gives out new charts update. Eraclea easily propose corrections to be made,  the operator performs the corrections and then the fix is checked and stored. Every mariner knows how important it is to have constantly charts update.

Organize the Admiralty Notices

This program organize the Admiralty Notices to Mariners like:

• Standard update Notices
• Temporary and Preliminary Notices
• Navigational Warnings
• General Inventory of Charts
• Amendments for “Light and Fog Signals”
• Amendments for “Radio Signals”
• Publication Status (Light and Fog, Radio Signals, etc..)

Eraclea doesn’t require additional equipment, this means once you choose this solution you don’t need anything else. The maximum weight for Eraclea weekly updates are less than 4mb, in order to make it possible to receive everything by email.

With Eraclea Lite all information are indexed and catalogued according to the inventories on board. This enable ships to navigate on ECDIS for the entirety of most major routes on a single chart service. This coverage includes 4,000 of the biggest ports worldwide, of which we offer unique coverage for over 130.

Eraclea Lite allows to keep ECDIS and digital publications updated with significantly smaller package than by traditional methods.

In particular, this solution makes updates available for the following products:
Admiralty Vector Chart Service
Admiralty Vector Chart Service

AVCS is the Admiralty brand for ENCs. The Admiralty Vector Chart Service brings together Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) from national Hydrographic offices around the world and new ENC coverage produced by UKHO in co-operation with Foreign Governments to provide comprehensive, official, worldwide coverage.

Admiralty Raster Chart Service
Admiralty Raster Chart Service

ARCS is the Admiralty Raster Chart Service that provides raster chart coverage of international shipping routes, main ports and harbours in a comprehensive range of scales.

Admiralty Digital List of Lights
Admiralty Digital List of Lights

ADLL is the Admiralty Digital List of Lights (ADLL), an advanced source of navigational light and fog signal information, with comprehensive coverage of more than 70,000 individual light structures including lighthouses, lightships, lit floating marks and fog signals.

Admiralty Digital Radio Signals
Admiralty Digital Radio Signals

ADRS is the Admiralty Digital Radio Signals that aids ongoing safety, security and compliance by helping bridge crews to manage communications and meet reporting regulations.

Loose Leaf

An advance technological service no more cut and paste just take the old page out put the new one in. that’s all. All published publication is scanned page by page with a 400 dpi resolution. Every page gets processed with an OCR software purpose made. The pages are then works by two different operators who correct the casual errors. Entire publication is then saved in text format. Weekly, all corrections contained in the WNMs are done directly on the text copy of the publication. Page by page corrections are exported in PDF format All exported pages contain uniquely text and graphic elements in vector format. The charts on a page, are exported in High resolution Bitmap format.