Augmented Reality the eAR Software - Easy Marine
Easy Marine Shipping Management Software! Easy Marine allows the digitalization of all the managerial processes, guiding employees in the daily paper-work and optimizing the process of valorisation of all (TMSA) procedures. Our technology solutions comes from the experience of the Commander Claudio Corvino, who is still working on ships. Who works on board knows what a ship needs. With the same philosophy we have also developed other solutions to become more efficient in the whole work-flow of a ship.
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Augmented Reality

Port & Pilot solutions

Augmented Reality the new era of navigation!

Easy Marine, always forwarding and innovative, is the first company that is pleased to introduce eAR – easy Augmented Reality –  the new era of navigation. 

Today’s ship security is entrusted to instruments like GPS, AIS and Radar and human factor plays a central role in compliance and prevention of accidents at sea.

The technology of Augmented Reality allows to scan and evaluate the information in real time, which are usually dispersed in different applications, allowing a more convenient and faster decision making.

eAR easy Augmented Reality

The purpose of augmented reality is to recreate, through a computer, worlds and objects that are the digital transposition of real or fantasy spaces. Moreover, it studies the methods of interaction between the user and the real world like navigation systems, instruments for three-dimensional vision, tools for the manipulating of virtual objects. This is a simulation that is totally perceived by our senses, especially by sight, followed by hearing and touch.


eAR is a navigation software that integrates hydrographic charts data to the surrounding space vision using augmented reality. It offers the opportunity to evaluate, at your own discretion, all spaces in detail, in any visibility condition and with all relevant information. The system offers the chance to perceive through your own sensations and so being able to evaluate real time operations.


The system displays the surrounding spaces, thanks to a camera installed in a defined position.  This way on monitor can be displayed a part of space (variable by software) where navigation information are represented in a clear and essential key according to the hydrographic standards (s57).

All information about this Ships, Ports, or single buoys are geo-located on a 3D floor to emphasize the perception of distances. Through a single tap you can enlarge a flag of information or add (or subtract) different layers.

Precision Geolocalization

We provide a precision tracking system. Through the simultaneous use of more satellites for navigation networks (GPS + GLONASS). Using both constellations simultaneously the main advantages are:

  • Reduction of information acquisition time;
  • More accurate forecasts;
  • Lower values of Pdop and Gdop;
  • Increased productivity in the survey phase especially in cases where natural barriers (trees, houses, etc.) limit openness to the sky and therefore the reception of signals.
Pilot Planner

This intuitive software allows you to plan and manage the operations regarding piloting.

All geo-referenced information will be revealed when the ship will be in the visible range of information.

The information to be displayed can be:

  • Ship Movement;
  • Distance and route next Waypoint;
  • ETA next waypoint;
  • ETA destination;
  • Position Prediction;
  • Information of PILOT PLANNER specified events;
  • Display of PILOT PLANNER pre-set symbols;
  • Issue warnings and alerts on advice and request of the drivers.