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Easy Marine Shipping Management Software! Easy Marine allows the digitalization of all the managerial processes, guiding employees in the daily paper-work and optimizing the process of valorisation of all (TMSA) procedures. Our technology solutions comes from the experience of the Commander Claudio Corvino, who is still working on ships. Who works on board knows what a ship needs. With the same philosophy we have also developed other solutions to become more efficient in the whole work-flow of a ship.
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eBR – easy Bridge Resource

eBr – easy Bridge Resource

eBR is the solution for “bridge resource  management” studied in order to meet modern needs of navigation. It summed up all information and core activities for the completion and the management of all resources needed from officers and masters during the navigation. The system allows to develop a perfect interaction between the various resources available on the Bridge and fulfil the procedures optimizing the bridge team’s managerial resource (bridge resource management) in a simple and effective way.


eBR finds its maximum efficiency being interactive with watch officer during their guard, because the information must not be searched, but will appear, to stay informed about events automatically, at the right time. All ships must have, necessarily and obligatorily, the Maritime Publications on board. These publications will be set, in our system, as already in use by the customer. It does not require additional publications in addition to the existing ones.

Available Modules

Plan the route and check waypoints has never been so simple.
The system can display along the route all information needed to navigate safely and informed. Furthermore, the software includes the most worldwide famous hydrographic libraries (of which we provide the license of use).


The smoothest and lightest way to receive Weekly Notice to Mariner directly on board. As it was created to organize all updates of navigational charts and Publications quick, fast and accurate.
It’s certified by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office and the Maritime Administration of Marshall Islands, synonymous for quality worldwide.

Through eBR all the publication information will interact with the program and the navigation. The great potential of this software is that you have any information when required or just with a mouse click … undoubted advantage of digitization.

No need to correct paper volumes, because thanks to eBR all data will be entirely automatically correct.


IMO publications are about safe navigation and prevention of pollution of ships. The system displays all publications for which you own a license e-reader, organizing them by date and type in a single access point.

Digital log books are a facility to record correctly all during operations required data, covering all areas as required by Solas / Marpol. The advantage is not only a simple data entry but especially a complete guide for the compilation of the fields (which interact with the data already present in the ship).


The MRV Regulation requires per-voyage and yearly the monitoring of CO2 emissions. This solution helps you to draw up a formal and comprehensive form, in compliance with upcoming EU directives on energy saving and certification of pollutant emission. Don’t need other software to be compliant and saves money.