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Easy Marine Shipping Management Software! Easy Marine allows the digitalization of all the managerial processes, guiding employees in the daily paper-work and optimizing the process of valorisation of all (TMSA) procedures. Our technology solutions comes from the experience of the Commander Claudio Corvino, who is still working on ships. Who works on board knows what a ship needs. With the same philosophy we have also developed other solutions to become more efficient in the whole work-flow of a ship.
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Transform Problems Into Oppurtunities

  • 1

    Moves 90%

    Of goods in the world

  • 2

    Produces 4%

    Of global Co2 Emissions

  • 3

    Increasing Fuel Costs

    Of goods in the world. In the last years petrol prices have increased up to 23%

  • 4

    1st January 2013

    All shipping companies need to have an implemented Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan

  • 5

    31th August 2017

    All companies shall submit a monitoring plan

Efficiency Management Intelligence

EMI is an Efficiency Management Intelligence and PERFORMANCE MONITOR in compliant with EU Regulation on the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of individual ship emissions of CO2.

EMI Online is a dashboard for the entire fleet. Key performance indicators, events, maps and graphs bring a global of information to your fingertips. Keep a close eye on your daily operations through the real-time log. A constant feed of time sheet log, departure, arrival, bunkering and noon report: fleet overview, ship detail and ship comparison.

Monitoring System

Essential Inputs to Ship Performance
Torque & shaft power meter

Our Torque & Shaft Power Meter accurately measures the power transmitted through a shaft. This function enables you to measure the actual power that an engine is delivering to the propeller or generator.


Our Flowmeter panel is a display with relevant data and is easy to install. You can monitor, from your office, consumption accurately. The display Panel shows for each machinery all data about consumption.


Global Positioning System, is a system for determining location using satellites. In our case thanks to this successful system you can track your whole fleet directly from your office using our software.

Real Data Voyage

Analysis of travel already made show that EMI contributes substantially to save Fuel, guaranteeing the Most Advantageous relationship between Mls x Tons.
The system is compliant with the MRV – Regulation and was tested on a Bulk carrier 100.000 DWT and on a Handy Tanker 50.000 DWT. During its first experimental 30 days voyage the ship save 48 MT of FO.

For further information download the underlying reports


Average fuel saved


Average emission saved

Main Features

Easy Ship Manager

A must on nowadays ship. Innovative intuitive easy to understand and use. The software you need to track and monitor the performance of your whole fleet.

Changes your Fleet

You will always be updated in real time about everything concerning your fleet and can easily take important decisions for the best navigation.

Simplifies procedures

The digitalization of the operations of management simplifies your work allowing to save money and working hours. It avoids estimation and organization errors.

Eliminates paper waste

Reduce paperwork and paper waste by 90%, by simplifying all your work on the Vessel. Focus for Captain on primary responsibility; safe and sound navigation.

Controls single action

You are in charge and can monitor any event, with a click, thanks to the simplification of the forms that guides you step-by-step to the following event.

Monitors performance of fleet

By regularly monitoring the performance of the main engine and keeping the revolutions optimized, you can obtain fuel savings for the entire fleet.